Our smartphones can be an exceedingly useful tool to assist you at the same time as driving, and they can also be a distraction if it starts ringing and you are suffering to pick it up. Luckily, we can use cellphone mounts in our motors to make fingers-free use easy and effective. Here are our pinnacle alternatives for safe and useful vehicle telephone mounts.

Best Car Phone Mounts: Top Options for Hands-Free Use 1

Best Car Phone Mount Overall: WizGear – Magnetic Phone Car Mount [2 Pack]
Best Value Phone Mount: Vansky Phone Mount three-in-1 Universal Cell Phone Holder
Best Car Phone Mount Honorable Mention: Noynoy Cell Phone Holder for Car Screen visibility. Whether you are using your cellphone as a GPS tool or regularly acquire calls, having the tool, incomplete view whilst riding will assist make multitasking trouble-loose. Easy to discover. Even if you do not use your

Telephone all that often, it can be beneficial to have a location committed to housing it. Phone mounts get rid of the need to search for your tool—device protection. The remaining thing any of us need to address after a vehicle coincidence or near name is locating that our phone changed into broken. These devices are pricey and carry several statistics, so maintaining them safe in the car is important.

Types of Car Phone Mounts

Vent Clip As the call suggests vent clips keep your phone in place by clipping onto the air vents at some point in your car’s dashboard. An advantage these products have is visibility. Since most cars place their vents at the eye stage, a cellphone being held up with the aid of a vent may be very smooth to peer for the motive force or passenger. The predominant downside is that vent clips do not paintings with each indoors, especially automobiles with unique vent designs.

Windshield Mount

Windshield-mounted phone holders use a suction cup to paste to a car’s windshield. This is similar to your average GPS installation, which makes using your cellphone for directions relaxed and familiar. Downsides consist of suction cups falling if no longer correctly secured, and they go away a print on the interior of your window.

Dash Mount

Another famous choice for mounting your phone holder is a dashboard mount. As long as your car’s dashboard has flat surfaces, you can put a mount everywhere you need. Often, the simplest trouble users have is the adhesive that can harm the indoors of the vehicle.

Phone cradles normally have adjustable hands to keep your phone in place. Each one is designed otherwise; a few have palms that maintain your phone from the edges, from time to time the phone clips in, and a few actually have a lip that your smartphone sits on. Regardless of the layout, those styles of cellphone holders are just like a hand retaining your cellphone in location for you.


The 2nd most not unusual way to connect your cellphone to the car mount is with a magnet. These are precise for people who use much less popular Android phones because the strong magnets can preserve any device in the region irrespective of shape and size. The magnetized holder typically connects to magnetic plates that come loose with the automobile mount holder. Top Brands

Beam Electronics

In current years, Beam Electronics has made a name for itself thanks to its excellent smartphone accessories. This Georgia-based employer manufactures its merchandise entirely inside the United States. Today, it has one of the highest-rated Car Air Vent Mount telephone holders on the market.


Created in 2012, this as soon as a small electronic organization became a huge worldwide store way to its popular Smart Plug. Since its inception, it has extended into the phone accessory market, creating the Noynoy Cell Phone Holder for Car. The product’s specific layout helps set it aside from the crowd.


iOttie makes products for journeys, smart houses, and outside existence. It is centered in New York City and was first installed in 2010. Its Easy One Touch Dash & Windshield Car Mount Phone Holder is immensely famous.


This worldwide agency is pleasantly acknowledged for its Bluetooth speakers and headphones. However, it offers a wide range of vehicle phone holders that are all enormously rated. Its extensive line includes cellphone holders for the Windshield and Dashboard, a CD Slot Mount, and a Magnetic Car Phone Mount.