I would say ninety percent of all drivers are on their phones no longer simply Prius drivers. There are many distracted drivers obtainable, no longer just teenage or young drivers either. I luckily will not be one of those distracted through a cell telephone seeing that I don’t personal one … So someone responsible for speaking on a hand-held cellular telephone or texting at the same time as riding could see their coverage fees soar $290 a yr for three years. That must get the attention of those distracted drivers. … Raise the fines, please to $500 or so. $one hundred sixty price ticket isn’t always enough.

Tim South, Donna Harris, Phil Brady and greater.


A: The consequences of an insurance survey may additionally surprise you. While the $290 price growth is 10,000 percent higher than it changed into in 2011, insurance businesses penalize drivers charged with a DUI with a charge hike of $1,086 on average. Other violations that obtain harsh penalties from coverage agencies encompass driving too slowly ($305), making an illegal flip ($332), or passing a college bus ($398).

Harsh? That’s now not harsh in any respect for texting, yakking on the cellphone or checking email whilst at the back of the wheel.

But a bill operating its way thru Sacramento might add a point to motorists riding record which can result in license suspensions or reason someone to stand more steeply-priced vehicle coverage costs.

If surpassed into law, Assembly Bill forty-seven could move into effect Jan. 1, 2021.


Q: How tough to say goodbye for your Prius. I recognize how you experience approximately it. I got my blue one in 2005 and also have 93,000 miles on it. I adore it and it is so faithful. It is probably my final vehicle as I am 87 and may not be driving for an awful lot longer. Good good fortune in your look for some other automobile to love

Jennifer Harris, Portola Valley

A: And good luck and glad motoring in the one you love Prius.

Q: Can something be performed please at the new Starbucks at the corner of Hamilton Avenue and Darryl Drive in Campbell. It’s making me livid. Every weekday approximately nine a.M., I pressure Darryl throughout Hamilton. The sign adjustments and I actually have the right of manner to go up Darryl.

The other day I almost was given caught in the intersection because 3 SUV’s had to get in line for Starbucks in advance of me, blockading visitors. This isn’t the primary time this has occurred. Can the doorway to Starbucks be changed? At least the entrance to the force through lane. Has all of us else had this hassle?

Jan Williams, Campbell

A: Yes, others have complained about this and the city and Starbucks are discussing possible adjustments to ease this problem. Stay tuned.


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