A new Minnesota law restricts drivers to palms-unfastened or voice-activated cellular telephone technology, powerful Aug. 1. One alternative is to apply a Bluetooth earpiece, like this motive force in Los Angeles.

Four phrases no one wants to listen: “We need to talk.” But that’s what the Minnesota Legislature has decreed for drivers who use cell phones. “Hands-free” rules go into effect Aug. 1, and drivers who forget about the law probably will find themselves chatting with a police officer.

The law means that you may’t have your phone to your hand while you’re using. “One-contact capabilities” will nevertheless be allowed if the telephone is accessed without preserving it, typing or scrolling.


This method that you’ll want something to hold your phone so you can faucet, however now not type. And you’ll need the blessing of a tenth-century Nordic monarch — however, we’ll get to that in a moment.

You can follow the regulation by means of buying a logo-new vehicle that routes your mobile phone thru the radio and is activated through a button at the guidance wheel. But allow’s say that you don’t want to spend $35,000 right now. There are workarounds for older vehicles that value about $34,950 much less.

To installation your rig, step one is to get a telephone mount. It’s not important, but it maintains you from fishing round due to the fact your smartphone changed into on the passenger seat until you went around that ultimate nook and it slid off between the seat and the door.

Your mounting alternatives are twofold:

1. Something that plugs into your air vent. You’ll discover innumerable alternatives online; most promote for under $25. Upside: Most of them keep the cellphone with a magnet so that you don’t have to fear about finding a cradle that’s the exact length to your phone. Downside: You have to position a thin magnet on the back in your smartphone, which might also ruin your cautiously managed accent aesthetics.

2. Something that suction-mounts on the sprint. The rate is set the same. Some have adjustable brackets, however, once more, magnets are easiest. The upside is similar to with the air-vent clip. Downside: Something sticking up for your dash may be distracting. But now you could dispose of the dashboard statue of St. Anthony, the consumer saint of lost objects, because you now not will lose your cellphone on every occasion you move around a corner.

Note: Magnets aren’t usually blanketed with those kits, so check the particulars. You can get them organized cheap — usually a buck a throw — on Amazon.

Now that you have an area to position your telephone in which you could see it, you need to discover a way to communicate with it. Again, there are alternatives. Well, three, if you encompass yelling at the phone, however clearly, too.

1. A Bluetooth speaker. There are dozens of small speakers that clip in your sun visor. The Avantree CK11 detects whilst you open your car door and mechanically connects on your phone. It’s $30 on Amazon.

Whatever model you get, take a look at the specifications for battery lifestyles. The Avantree says you get six hundred hours of standby time and 22 hours of speak time. That seems like loads, however, there will come a day while it runs dry because “we need to charge the automobile’s Bluetooth speaker” isn’t a word that occurs to all and sundry.