Tara Hartford currently provided Krum ISD’s use of protection applications before a statewide assembly of educators.

Hartford, a technological know-how teacher at Krum High School, defined on Monday afternoon the district’s use of two phone programs on the request of students to cope with their 3 biggest concerns: safety, pills, and mental illness.

Her presentation became held all through the second day of the Texas Association of School Administrators Midwinter Conference.

Krum ISD touts apps designed to improve safety 1

Both Smart Button and Anonymous Alerts have been implemented at the start of the 2018-19 college year for Krum’s high school and middle faculty.

Smart Button serves as a manner to speedy alert a campus and primary responders to a lockdown. Administrators, campus police, and the superintendent can send out a single message blast to those with the app, consisting of instructors, parents, and local emergency offerings, stated district spokeswoman Taylor Poston.

“Smart Button does not suggest that they want to be on their cellphone; it sends a push notification to their display, with sound to alert group of workers,” Poston said.

Anonymous Alerts permits college students, instructors, dad and mom, and community participants to send nameless, encrypted communications to district administrators.

Poston said: “The alerts are funneled thru the app-based totally on the sort of file made,” meaning they could head toward principals, counselors, and district or metropolis police, relying on the character of the alert.

Pictures and films may be connected to the encrypted messages.

Officials with the app would help educators address capacity or cutting-edge mental fitness problems, threats of violence, and extra without sacrificing an informant’s privacy.

Since its implementation, the district has received sixty-four indicators thru the app, with troubles inclusive of suicidal hazard, attack, depression, dating violence, vaping, off-campus sexual assault, and extra.

In October, the app may have saved lives at Estrella Foothills High School in Goodyear, Arizona, and A student changed into arrested when informants used the app to alert directors that he had guns.

His backpack became searched, and he became determined to have a loaded handgun and three knives, in keeping with media reviews.

As with any medium of verbal exchange, the app gives the capability for rumors to spiral out of manage, as became the case with a Magnolia teenager arrested in September after allegedly making a threat while he became suspended for a get dressed-code violation.