Startups face many challenges. Fierce competition, financial decision-making, and hiring the right employees are just a few. The road to success in a new business venture will require winning the trust of customers and clients. If your new company is experiencing bad online reviews or your brand has been associated with a scandal, it is a good idea to contact a service that provides online reputation management for business – before your company goes from start-up to shut down.

Detriment Your Startup

How scandal can affect your startup

Unfortunately, bad news travels faster than good news. And, many scandals can arise through no fault of the business owner. A data breach or a manufacturer that uses subpar materials that end in product failures are just two examples. But, either one of these situations can cause your startup to lose customers. And employees, or forever tarnish your business brand.

Brand management services can help your startup maintain a consistently positive corporate identity. Even when a scandal erupts, these professionals know how to bury the bad news about your company and flood the media with industry accolades, positive press releases, good customer reviews. The goal is, when customers or clients hear your company’s name, they associate it with good business intentions like creative, innovative, dependable, or value.

Reverse the negativity and drama

Because of the internet, news of corporate drama travels fast. Misconduct by high-level management or rumors of financial impropriety can bring even successful startups to their knees. It doesn’t take much press to land your company on page one of Google search, for all the wrong reasons. And, when you rely on our management teams to handle the drama and scandal, you quickly discover they are too close to the situation to deconstruct and redefine the bad press.

Or, as it is in most cases, your business managers are not skilled at strategic brand management in the face of negative press and social media drama. To remove negative content from Google search takes knowledge, time, and work, and it may even require legal actions, especially when facts do not support the negative press. What’s at stake is the future of your startup and your financial security.

online reputation score is calculated and published by several service providers that rank startups and existing companies. These numbers are based on various factors, including your ranking on search engines and the amount of positive or negative information posted online. Everything written, commented, photographed, reviewed, or posted about your company on the internet creates a digital footprint.

Just like your business needs to be managed, so does your online reputation. When drama and scandal erupt, your online reputation suffers. Often, new clients look at this very same information before considering partnering with your company or making high-volume purchases.

NetReputation knows how to return dignity and value to your corporate brand. We take a multi-pronged approach to restoring your business to a proper online reputation that will translate into more customers and more sales.

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