Chris Taylor, a game developer regarded for the titles Total Annihilation, Dungeon Siege, and Supreme Commander, announced these days that he has been developing a new cloud-primarily based gaming platform, Kannagi, and a brand new actual-time approach game, Intergalactic Space Empire.

Taylor unveiled the game, which will run on any cutting-edge web browser, on the GamesBeat Summit 2019 occasion in Los Angeles. He said in a fireside chat with me that video games jogging at the Kannagi platform are particularly designed and optimized to play on honestly any device that runs an up to date web browser, or round two billion gadgets.

Taylor left his ultimate submit at Wargaming in 2016. Then he started out considering a new sport.


“I began this adventure years ago, and I wanted to build a sport as an indie developer. I concept wouldn’t it’s amusing if I could run this recreation in a browser and all and sundry should play it.”

He constructed out a platform with built-in protection and higher overall performance in-browser play. He built it on top of the Google Cloud, and the notion approximately how to make it to be had for different sport builders. He wanted to prove it out via creating his very own new RTS recreation, and that is Intergalactic Space Empire. The game can be available globally.

The recreation is a 2D, top-down title with fast action. If you ship a person a link on your sport, your buddy may want to join you inside seconds, Taylor stated. Interestingly, it’s a very one of a kind technique as compared to Google Stadia, which will compute the game inside the cloud and ship compressed video to the participant.

Taylor’s platform makes use of processing in the long run tool, which makes for snappier images, he said. The recreation will feature heaps of projectiles transferring everywhere in the display, but he stated the platform won’t stay on excessive-end 3D portraits.

“It’s my subsequent RTS sport, which takes vicinity on an unmarried galactic map and has a number of innovations,” Taylor stated.

The platform may also supply most games within some seconds, with none great loading times. And Taylor stated that the game will run on all browsers, from Chrome to Samsung TVs. Technologies like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services make this possible. But rather than relying upon Javascript as a few have performed within the past, Taylor uses compiled C++, going for walks natively inner a digital machine inside the cloud. The rendering nevertheless takes place on the patron gadgets.

“I’m satisfied to say the browser compatibility is one hundred percent,” Taylor said. “I don’t drop frames. I don’t get stuttering and stammering as you get in a video. I’m very glad about this architecture.”

Taylor started his project is to supply video games, single and multiplayer, to players around the sector without ever having to worry about updates or install instances. Games will flow from one tool to another seamlessly, even permitting players to get right of entry to the same recreation concurrently from a couple of devices. Game development is saved routinely, as the center sport runs securely within the cloud, taking no area at the participant’s PC, laptop, pill, or telephone.

Taylor Intergalactic Space Empire could be playable on maximum internet-enabled gadgets. The game may be controlled with keyboard and mouse as well as on maximum touchscreen gadgets, breaking down obstacles for the style. Games can be performed with or towards different gamers the use of any mixture of devices.

“Revitalizing the RTS genre has been something I actually have desired to do for numerous years, but if I became going to try this, it had to be something honestly clean, new, and perhaps a bit crazy… something to without a doubt disrupts the fame quo and gets gamers excited again approximately what is possible inside the genre”, Taylor said. “For inspiration, I went back to late 70’s vector based classics like Asteroids™, and determined a glance that changed into now not best nostalgic however had a fun avant-garde visual fashion.”

More information on both the Kannagi platform and Intergalactic Space Empire could be released later this year. Taylor stated that his game received’t have excessive-stop 3-D portraits, however, it’ll be a fast 2D game a good way to be bandwidth green. That manner it is going to be a platform for approach games, turn-primarily based video games, and slower games.

“I’m not going for massive razzle-dazzle, which is a shocker,” he said. “I’ve been focused on blowing humans away with subsequent-era snapshots. I’m going again to my roots. I’m saying the gameplay is king. This is a platform so one can allow gameplay to polish.”

Taylor has created the sport engine, the platform, and the game itself on his own. But he has other helpers too. He figures it’ll be out within more than one years.