The Berkeley Police Department launched the subsequent “cases of network interest” Tuesday. Information appears below as BPD released it with minor edits to comply with Berkeley-side style.

On Jan. 15 at nine:fifty five p.M., a girl become walking on Milvia Street among Chaining Way and Durant Avenue the usage of her cellphone while she changed into approached with the aid of three male young adults. One of them grabbed the woman’s cellular phone from her hand and the organization ran away. Witnesses defined them as African American, 14-18 years antique, 5’three” to 6’ tall — wore dark hooded sweatshirts and the third wore a crimson hooded sweatshirt.

On Jan. 17 at 1:25 p.M., a female turned into sitting interior Sack’s Coffee House (2701 College Ave.) close to the front door operating on her laptop whilst a man walked inside, grabbed her computer and ran westbound on Derby Street. Witnesses described him as African American, in his mid-20s, approximately five’10” tall and carrying a blue hooded sweatshirt and grey pants.

On Jan. 17 at about five p.M., a female become walking her dog in Live Oak Park the use of her cellular telephone while a person (unknown gender or race) approached her from behind, located her in a “headlock” and attempted to take her telephone. Screaming for help, the assailant pushed the lady to the ground, wrestled the telephone far from her and ran away to a light-colored vehicle.

On Jan. 18 at 9:fifty six p.M., officials answered to a residence on 2000 block of Bancroft Way on a document of an in-progress housebreaking. Watching from a live video surveillance feed, the caller relayed facts about the intruders to responding officials. Just as the pair changed into reversing out of the driveway, officers stopped the car. When officers searched the car, they placed numerous portions of stolen belongings. Johnny Wolchow (33, homeless) and Noelle Knotts (37, of San Francisco) had been arrested on suspicion of burglary and ownership of stolen assets. Wolchow additionally became arrested for violation of parole and probation.

On Jan. 19 at 10:15 p.M., officers answered to the Berkeley Way parking zone (2000 block of Berkeley Way) on a document of an intoxicated guy who became punching people. When officials arrived, they discovered a 65-12 months-vintage female who had been punched within the face numerous times even as she became about to power from the lot. With the outline that had been furnished, officials located the assailant a block away. The female changed into evaluated at the scene through clinical employees for bruising on her face. An additional victim reported that the assailant had kicked him in the thigh even as he became strolling on Berkeley Way earlier, but he declined to press prices. Jesse Miller, forty five, of San Ramon became arrested on suspicion of criminal battery, elder abuse, possession of controlled materials, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Inside Berkeley prison, body of workers discovered a quantity of psilocybin mushrooms and Oxycodone on his person so he turned into additionally arrested on suspicion of bringing a controlled substance interior a jail.

On Jan. 21 at nine:05 p.M., a girl was within the outdoor seating vicinity of Café Strada (2300 College Ave.) together with her computer while a stranger walked to her desk, grabbed her laptop and ran westbound on Bancroft Way. Witnesses defined him as unknown race male, about 5’10” tall, carrying a black hooded sweatshirt and pants.

On Jan. 22 at 5:37 p.M., younger men entered Sack’s Coffee House (2701 College Ave.) and grabbed laptops from humans sitting close to the the front door. They ran westbound on Derby Street. Witnesses described the pair as African American, 18-two decades antique and about 5’10” tall.

On Wednesday between 12:30 a.M. And 1 a.M., a person became within the 2300 block of Dana Street talking on his cellular phone while humans ran as much as him and tried to take his phone and bag. Though the man was capable of maintain onto his cellphone, the duo ran away together with his bag containing his digicam and pc. (No suspect description turned into provided.)

On Wednesday at 1:28 a.M., a man became walking on the 2300 block of Fulton Street while he became approached by means of a person who engaged him in a verbal exchange. Suddenly, the stranger pushed his hand out thru his jacket pocket as if he had a weapon and demanded his belongings. Fearing for his protection, the man relinquished his pockets and the suspect fled. Witnesses defined the robber as African American, in his mid-20s, about five’eleven” tall, with a thin build, wearing a dark-colored jacket and baseball cap.

On Wednesday at four:40 p.M., a man stole a laptop from a purchaser inner Starbucks (2128 Oxford St.) and ran away. Though the patron left earlier than officers ought to contact him, witnesses defined the thief as African American, 18-22 years vintage, 5’nine” to six’four” tall, sporting a darkish hooded sweatshirt with saggy pants.

On Wednesday at 6:05 p.M., a resident returned to his condominium within the 2100 block of Channing Way and discovered that his lights were on and the security chain turned into latched from the internal. Thinking a person was inner his apartment, the resident referred to as BPD. When officers arrived and entered the condominium, they determined a stranger staying internal. Further research found out that man had additionally burglarized different residences as well. Marquis Okoronkwo, 23, homeless, changed into arrested on suspicion of burglary, possession of stolen assets and violation of probation.

On Thursday at 1:21 p.M., a person became speaking on his cellphone in an alcove in the 2300 block of Shattuck Avenue when someone approached him from in the back of, slapped his face, grabbed the cellular phone from his fingers and ran away. Witnesses described the assailant as African American, probable a juvenile, wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt.

On Friday at 8:14 p.M., a lady was on foot at the 1100 block of Hearst Avenue whilst she become approached with the aid of a person holding a handgun. He demanded her property, however allowed her to go away after she pleaded with him. Based on the description given, officers located the man the following day near University Avenue and Seventh Street. Jamelle Flippin, 32, of Clayton, changed into arrested on suspicion of theft and other theft-related expenses.

On Friday at 11 p.M., a female changed into taking walks on College Avenue drawing near Bancroft Way with pals while a person ran up from at the back of her and grabbed her smartphone from her hands. He then ran eastbound on Bancroft Way. Witnesses described him as African American, in his mid-20s, about five’eight” tall, wearing layered clothing and a darkish beanie cap.

On Saturday at 2:23 a.M., officers answered to the vicinity of King and 62nd streets after receiving reviews of gunfire inside the vicinity. Officers located bullet casings at the 1600 block of 62nd Street however did now not find any injured humans.

On Saturday at 3:42 a.M., an officer spotted a automobile using recklessly in the area of Sacramento Street and Ashby Avenue. The officer turned into subsequently capable of forestall the car at the 2800 block of Acton Street, wherein he located that the driver became intoxicated and had a suspended license. When the officer searched the car, he determined a loaded handgun with an unlawful excessive-capacity magazine. Further investigation of the handgun discovered that it had previously been stated as stolen to San Mateo PD. The driver — Ryan Romero, 28, of Berkeley — become arrested on suspicion of reckless driving, using on suspended license, riding underneath the impact, possession of loaded hid firearm, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and evading the police.

On Saturday at 4:31 p.M., a resident changed into interior his domestic in the 2600 block of Sacramento Street whilst he changed into startled by using the sound of something being thrown at his the front door. When he went to investigate, he noticed that there was a package deal at his door. Seeing the postal provider throughout the street, the resident walked over and requested him no longer to throw his applications. The postal carrier replied by using cursing and dangerous the resident, who ran again to his domestic and referred to as 911. While internal making the decision, the postal carrier entered the house and began recording him together with his cellular telephone — threatening that he now is aware of who he is. Officers located the postal service, Lamonte Earnest, forty four, of Berkeley, a block away and arrested him on suspicion of creating criminal threats in addition to an splendid arrest warrant from any other enterprise for animal cruelty.

On Saturday at eight:39 p.M., 3 guys had been sitting on park benches close to the M Dock at the quay when they had been approached by means of two men with dogs. One of them pulled out a handgun and demanded property from the trio. After taking their bag and wallet, the robbers ran to a car and drove off. Witnesses defined them as Hispanic, 25-30 years antique, five’10” tall — one wearing a darkish-colored hooded sweatshirt and the alternative carrying a red hooded sweatshirt.

On Saturday at 9 p.M., a man became seated near the front doorways of Udupi Palace (1903 University Ave.) the use of his laptop whilst a younger guy walked over, grabbed the computer and ran out of the store. Witnesses defined the thief as African American, sixteen-20 years vintage, approximately 5’8” tall, sporting a darkish-colored hooded sweatshirt and jeans.

On Sunday at 8:47 p.M., officers answered to the location of San Pablo Park after receiving reviews of gunfire in the vicinity. Officers placed bullet casings on the park, but did now not discover any injured humans.

On Sunday at 2:11 p.M., a person turned into sitting at a table inside McDonald’s (1998 Shattuck Ave.) using his cellphone while a man got here as much as him and tapped him on the shoulder. Now having the person’s interest, he grabbed the person’s head and shook it from side to side. The robber then grabbed the person’s cellular telephone and ran away. Witnesses described him as African American, in his 20s, five’10” tall and wearing lengthy pants.

On Monday at 7:30 p.M., a girl became sitting at an outdoor table of Sweetgreen’s (1890 Shattuck Avenue) speaking with a friend when a stranger walked over, grabbed her backpack and ran away. Witnesses defined him as African American, 6’ tall, with a thin build, sporting dark apparel.