Most people juggle a tremendous quantity of records in recent times — sufficient tasks, to-do’s, and scattered scraps of intellectual facts to replenish a forty-gallon fish tank. (Just imagine all those tiny little notion-fishies swimming around! Glub, glub, glub.)

But guess what? Your tired ol’ noggin isn’t always the handiest tool for retaining song of the crucial stuff on your life. That bright slab of glass in your pocket is overflowing with wonderful apps which could arrange nearly the entirety conceivable for you. And now is as accurate a time as any to include their organizational prowess and deliver your brain a break.

These are the pleasant Android apps for organizing different areas of your life — all unfastened until in any other case mentioned.


Table of Contents

Organize your tasks
Organize your to-do lists
Organize your notes
Organize random things you need to bear in mind
Organize places and parking places

Whether you are running with a team or seeking to preserve your personal unbiased initiatives so as Trello presents an intuitive but characteristic-packed system for organizing ideas and monitoring development.

The app breaks your business down into a sequence of boards. Within each board, you create a series of lists. And within every list, you upload any range of playing cards — character items that comprise textual content, pictures, documents, and so forth. You can label and color-coded cards and assign due dates, and you (and everybody else you invite) can touch upon playing cards to feature in mind and updates.

If you actually need to get wild, Trello also has an advanced automation machine referred to as Butler it truly is now natively to be had on some degree with all debts. Butler makes it viable to define extraordinary varieties of triggers that then motive complicated moves to arise. For example, you may make it so that every time a card is given the label “Urgent,” Butler routinely movements it to the top of its listing, offers it a due date one work day into the future, and sends out an electronic mail to you and all people else relevant to make certain the item does not get forgotten. (Butler may be configured most effective from Trello’s website or computing device app, however, once your regulations are set up, they may work in the Android app as nicely.)

Trello is loose with non-compulsory $five-a-month subscriptions and commercial enterprise plans that free up additional functions which include larger document attachments, management capabilities and limitless integrations with different commercial enterprise apps.

Organize your to-do lists

There’s no scarcity of gear for taking lists on Android, but on the subject of serious mission corporation, Any. Do is a cut above the rest. The app capabilities an easy and easy-to-navigate interface with oodles of useful features for making, organizing, and — seriously — truly progressing thru all sorts of lists.

Any. Do’s predominant screen robotically separates your obligations into four default sections: “Today,” “Tomorrow,” “Upcoming,” and “Someday” (although you furthermore may have the capability to create your own custom classes). You can drag and drop tasks between the lists and fix notes, documents, recorded audio, and reminders to any items. You may even view and control your tool’s native calendar within the app, right along with your obligations if you want.

Any. Do has pretty a few helpful extras, including a non-obligatory “brief-add bar” that puts your present-day day’s obligations into your notification panel, a collection of properly designed domestic screen widgets, and a clever pop-up alert gadget for reminding you about missed calls.

The app is unfastened with non-compulsory $2-to-$3-a-month individual and organization subscriptions for advanced capabilities such as vicinity-based total reminders and unlimited attachments. (Hint: You’ll get a barely decrease fee in case you improve in the app itself or through the Any. Do website.)
Organize your notes

If you ever feel like your brain should use some supplementary garage, Evernote is the app you need. It’s not the best Android word-taking app round, but for anyone who has a steady barrage of assorted incoming records, it’s the nice completely featured alternative for pulling exceptional forms of information collection and retaining the whole thing organized.

Evernote makes it smooth to take notes from your telephone in a spread of methods — by way of typing or speakme within the app itself, through a home screen widget, or thru an elective notification-based totally short-add bar — and with some plans it also allows you to ahead emails for safekeeping and store complete web pages out of your cellular or laptop browser for later reference