An Uber Eats shipping guy has been accused of stealing jobs from colleagues by using a couple of telephones and hacking a GPS gadget.  The unnamed driving force who frequents the McDonald’s in Strood, Kent, has come to the eye of his colleagues after you have four instances more work than them and incomes twice as tons.  Colleagues have raised concerns at the discussion board uberpeople.Net which gives employees related to Uber advice. One man or woman wrote: “He [the delivery driver] collects one and as soon as he arrives from a delivery goes straight to the counter and collects another.

“Quite a few people are mad with him but he acts like someone who is shameless past doubt.” He brought: “Other riders just sit down and watch him in and out all day long in depression.” It is an idea that the delivery motive force may be the usage of multiple phones on separate debts to cheat the device and maybe hacking into the employer’s GPS gadget.

Uber Eats courier accused by colleagues of stealing orders using multiple phones and hacking software 1

An Uber Eats meals shipping courier rides a scooter in London CREDIT: NEIL HALL.
Riders for Uber Eats can earn a minimum price of £four according to completed delivery in addition to receiving suggestions and rewards.

The meals shipping carrier competitors other apps such as Deliveroo and Just Eat with plans to amplify its employees to 900 human beings inside the EMEA region. It works by way of sending orders to riders in a single location, similar to its transportation offerings, and uses an algorithm to distribute enterprise calmly.

As Uber does now not have a union and employees are considered self-employed, one motive force went to the forum to ask for advice after confronting the man. “He admitted his recreation and fast presented us the blocking and hacking tools he’s the use of for a whopping £1000 coins,” wrote the worker.

It’s smooth to discover Apps and YouTube movies that explain how to manipulate GPS places online, although it is thought that the rider is the usage of a mixture of a couple of telephones and hacking software programs.

An unofficial security investigator told the Strood-based totally courier they were aware of the scenario and were within the technique of investigating the claims on the online forum.

A spokesperson for Uber stated: “Participating in a fraudulent hobby of any type is a clear violation of our phrases and situations.

“Couriers who are found fraudulently or illegitimately the use of the app danger being completely deactivated.”

The Uber scammers who take users for a (very expensive) trip

A year on from reporting accounts being hacked, Londoners receive shock payments for ‘phantom rides’ in Mexico and New York
Earlier this month, Angie Bird awakened at her home in London to discover she had been billed for a series of minicab trips she had allegedly made the preceding evening … in the Mexican cities of Guadalajara and Aguascalientes, extra than five,500 miles away.

While she changed into having dinner with pals, someone – or more than one character – in Mexico had seemingly hacked into her Uber account and “went a chunk loopy” ordering cabs at her expense. They made 5 trips that were all charged to Bird’s credit score card and ordered an additional 11 cabs that evening, which they didn’t take for whatever purpose.

The receipts for the trips make for strange analyzing: in a single case, in Guadalajara, someone took a cab driven with the aid of “Jose Antonio” to an address simply 790 meters away, after which 50 mins later they hailed an Uber cab driven by way of “Gustavo” to take them to lower back to where they started.

Meanwhile, Londoner Franki Cookney was in Australia whilst she found she had been charged around $600 (£420) for 3 Uber cab rides in New York. Once she had got over the surprise of being billed masses of dollars for journeys she hadn’t made, what struck her became that some looked like trips that no person of their proper thoughts might make. One, costing $198 (£140), involved an epic ninety-five-minute, 24-mile circuit of Manhattan island that ended up almost precisely where it began.

It has also emerged that it is viable to be billed for other humans’ Uber trips even when you have in no way signed up for the on-call for a trip-hailing carrier. That is what happened to Neil Gallagher, who final month observed three unauthorised transactions relating to Uber on his credit card assertion.

Bird, Cookney, and Gallagher are actually no longer the primary people to be charged for Uber journeys they didn’t book or make; however, what’s alarming is this problem appears to be ongoing. In May last yr the Guardian pronounced that US authorities were searching into how British carrier customers have been charged for “phantom journeys”. A variety of people had stated that their money owed had been hacked, such as TV presenter Anthea Turner who tweeted to Uber: “Account has been hacked nothing to HELP me on a website that is ridiculous”. The enterprise stated it had investigated and “observed no proof of a breach at Uber”, adding: “Anyone who’s charged for a ride they didn’t e-book or take will get money back.”

In April 2015, tech news internet site Motherboard stated that energetic Uber account details had been found for sale at the “dark internet”, a group of hundreds of websites that use anonymity tools to hide their net issuer cope with to permit them to perform crook pastime. Motherboard said it had determined proof of human beings promoting “hacked” Uber debts in quantities of 20 for $sixteen.50, 50 for $32, or one hundred for $54. Bird, who works in IT and describes herself as an Uber fan

Advised Guardian Money how one night earlier this month, she took an Uber cab domestic. At 3 am the next morning, she received a couple of messages in Spanish, which seemed to be saying “right night” and asking wherein she changed into. When she checked inside the morning, she realized her account was hacked.

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