Ads were two dimensional for a totally long time. Whatever advert you see on TV, newspaper, print magazine, laptop display screen or cellular smartphone display – all are -dimensional advertisements. The ad is on a display and the display has the most effective two axes. X & Y. Width and peak.

One of the motives why marketers by no means took the 1/3 dimension severely turned into because there was no manner to convey the 1/3 size in play. Before the age of digital advertising, TV and newspapers gave very confined scope for a way their advert ought to attain the visitors.

TV channels have 15 second and 30-second slots to run a video advert. There was no way to squeeze in extra content and subsequently, marketers attempted to make the maximum of the 30 seconds.

Ads worried showing something stunning, funny or whatever that may get the attention of the viewer and make the viewer bear in mind the emblem. They had to gain this underneath constrained time.


Newspapers gave marketers a totally confined actual property. You have to match in sufficient phrases in a particular size. You needed to come up with a notable identity, an image which captures people’s interest and ultimately make certain that the viewer recollects the emblem for a future by choice, or at the least does a movement like reducing out a coupon or name various.

What marketers goal for our reach and frequency. If you are able to attain lots of people however do now not have the minimum required frequency to make certain that your ability customers don’t forget your emblem, then the ad isn’t going to serve its reason.

People could run an ad which is shown to five billion human beings, however best as soon as. It would not serve any cause. The high-quality method with the technology available at that point was to copy the equal message throughout time, across places, across channels. An excellent balance of reach and frequency must be performed.

Such type of repetition is ideal for simple services and products. Consumer brands like electronics and meals groups do now not have complicated products and there is not anything to educate the purchaser approximately. All the message they had to bring turned into: I’m a terrific logo, human beings find it irresistible, it’s precise for you, so choose us over our opposition.

One issue that entrepreneurs were never capable of crack the usage of marketing changed into that they could in no way supply their messages in a series, precise to every client.

Consumers did no longer have private gadgets and all of the media that become available like TV, Newspaper, and Radio is not personalized and connected to an unmarried purchaser.

In the age of virtual marketing, we’ve got the power to goal particular clients with particular advertisements, but additionally, retarget the client with observe up messages that are unique for that specific section of the patron.

Such type of strength in advertising in no way existed before. And this energy of targeting internet customers lets in entrepreneurs to do advertising within the third measurement. Digital advertising will result in the loss of life of frequency in commercials. There is not any want to copy the identical marketing message again and again to all of the capability users, whilst you could deliver one-of-a-kind messages, particular to an unmarried person, over a period of time.
The Third Dimension

By now you might be thinking what is advertising inside the third size. The 1/3 dimension is time.

For a particular net person, you may supply advertising and marketing messages over the years.

There are distinct ways to deliver advertising and marketing messages over the years. The simplest way to do it’s far through Drip advertising. When you get human beings to enroll in your email listing with lead magnet, you can deliver timed messages for your leads.

Another way to deliver marketing messages over the years is thru re-advertising and sequential advertising and marketing.

When you could pixel your target market (which means, tag them with a cookie), you already know who your consumer is and what behavior she executed. Based on the collected statistics, you may deliver customized advertising messages to an unmarried consumer.
AIDA in Marketing

AIDA is a famous acronym in sales. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Without getting your prospect’s interest, you cannot generate a hobby in your services or products. Without interest, you can not generate a desire. Without preference, no person is stimulated to take action. You will now not make a sale.

Applying AIDA in advertising has continually been hard because of the shortage of era, until now. Digital advertising generation has advanced a long way sufficient for marketers to create AIDA have an effect on the use of advertising, now not simply income.

Marketing is simply income at scale, and all the concepts of income observe to advertising as properly. Until now, maximum entrepreneurs have shifted conventional advertising to virtual marketing without questioning two times about the strength of digital.

Print commercials in newspapers and magazines have come to be banner ads on websites. TV commercials have become YouTube pre-roll advertisements. The net and digital medium are being dealt with as a massive billboard.

That’s one of the benefits of being a digital-first marketer. Digital marketers can see what conventional marketers can’t see. Digital entrepreneurs can see that advertising can be finished within the 0.33 measurement. You can take the client on a journey of advertising messages which adheres to AIDA precept.