What makes a terrific podcast app?
A, without a doubt, the exact podcast app has brilliant playback alternatives, in addition to automatic downloads of episodes for podcasts you join. But of course, what you, in my opinion, need in a podcast app is subjective, so we did our fine to discover five apps that can be all reliable, but truly one of a kind from one another so you can discover a preferred.

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Take a study of our five favorite apps, all to be had on iOS and Android gadgets, to see which one works fine for you and your listening fashion. Then, as you’re subscribing to your favorite podcasts, make sure you get all of the ones we make right here at Komando to live up to date on all matters of tech and tech news. Here’s a full listing of our podcasts:

These podcasts can be located inside the apps below, and you may look at the most current Komando On Demand podcast episode. Now, onto the apps!

1. Pocket Casts
We’re kicking off our listing with Pocket Casts, a podcast app that lately had a properly acquired remodel that introduced a few functions. You can pay attention to any podcast episode at any time, without subscribing, and search for episode guests and topics. The app offers a video podcast guide, in addition to quick skip buttons for fast-forwarding and rewinding, which you can customize to skip something wide variety of seconds you need. With get admission to an internet-based platform coming with the app, you may start an episode on one tool, like your phone, and finish it on some other, like your work computer, without ever dropping your spot.

With auto-episode downloading, categorizing functions that you manipulate, and a properly advanced set of rules to help you find new podcasts primarily based on what you already listen to, Pocket Casts is a pretty killer app that appears great. Its predominant downside is it expenses $three.99 on iOS and Android and $nine as an app for your computer (although you get a 14-day free trial). If you don’t mind spending a touch on getting outstanding content material, it’s an app well worth buying. You can get Pocket Casts for iOS and Pocket Casts for Android and on your pc here. If you’d favor getting a free app, hold heading down the listing.

2. Stitcher
Stitcher differentiates itself from different podcast apps by letting you make playlists of podcasts and playlists of podcast episodes from special shows. Want to have all the podcasts you adore that add on Friday (like Komando Tech News This Week) in one smooth-to-pay attention-to list? Make a Friday playlist, and you’ll have new episodes proper thereafter they’re out. Want to listen to your preferred actor on a group of podcasts in a row? That may be a playlist crafted from specific episodes. Listen offline in your playlists and episodes without streaming, and the Stitcher app is to be had for Alexa devices, as well as OS, Android, and net app gadgets. You can get the Stitcher app in your automobile, and it’s continually unfastened!

Stitcher, like many of those apps, shows podcasts you may like based on your listening history so that you can discover new suggestions, in addition to curating how you pay attention to ones you already like; however, the app works quality if you have a normal podcast-listening schedule. There is also a feature constructed into Stitcher that sends you breaking news memories in the form of audio clips that you might discover hit or pass over. It’s remarkable for staying on top of modern activities; however, if you couldn’t often listen to them, they could be disturbing or disruptive.

If you need ad-loose listening and get admission to exceptional Stitcher content, you may subscribe to Stitcher Premium. Download Stitcher for iOS and Stitcher for Android, the internet app here, and study Alexa get right of entry to and getting the app on your vehicle right here.

3. Spotify
That’s right, Spotify has greater than simply tune—it has pretty much each essential podcast, along with the entirety produced by using Komando. Podcasts play similar to songs, with some advertisements if you use the free app beyond ones constructed into podcast episodes, and without extra advertisements, if you have Spotify Premium. Organized into categories, podcasts are fun to discover on Spotify. Much like the music, the more you listen, the greater Spotify can curate for your pastimes. It’s clean to enroll in podcasts and access new episodes, and you may concentrate offline using saving episodes the way you’ll keep songs.

Spotify’s podcast playback options are constrained. You can’t easily bypass through parts of episodes, nor are you able to without problems rewind. There’s also the possibility that some of your favored podcasts haven’t made it onto Spotify because podcasts are a later addition to the carrier. That’s smooth and accurate, even though; most podcasts have to complete a simple form and have Spotify hosting.

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