HONG KONG, Feb. 3, 2019,/PRNewswire/ — Yesterday, HUAWEI CLOUD 2019 Hong Kong AI Developer Contest opened for registration, that is held with the aid of HUAWEI CLOUD, Hong Kong Artificial Intelligence and Robot Society (HKSAR), and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP). Participants can visit HUAWEI CLOUD’s legit internet site https://activity-intl.Huaweicloud.Com/ai_competition/index.Html to examine greater records. HUAWEI CLOUD ambitions to encourage Hong Kong universities’ college students to actively develop AI, select technical capabilities, and promote AI technologies to resolve sensible problems through competition.

HUAWEI CLOUD Holds 2019 Hong Kong AI Developer Contest 1

This contest is a competition cloud platform for AI developers and could keep a series of competitions in more than one town in China. The contest questions could be issued on February 12 and judged through professionals from HKSAR. The results may be announced at HUAWEI CLOUD Summit on March 19th in Hong Kong.

Contestants will increase AI primarily based on the Huawei Cloud EI models, that’s a faster and greater inclusive one-stop AI development platform concerning records labeling and education, and model education, optimization, and deployment. It can provide cease-to-give-up AI software improvement.

In March 2018, HUAWEI CLOUD Hong Kong place opened, assisting Chinese organizations to extend their commercial enterprise to Asia-Pacific, remote places corporations improved their business to the Chinese marketplace and commercial enterprise innovation for nearby businesses in Hong Kong. HUAWEI CLOUDhas enabled the digitization of Hong Kong’s specific industries, together with financial, Internet, and park industries, helping Hong Kong’s governments and companies to develop with intelligence.

HUAWEI CLOUD believes that artificial intelligence technology is selling industrial smart enhancements and profoundly changing every industry, every company, all and sundry. Since HUAWEI CLOUD EI’s (Enterprise Intelligence) launch in 2017, it has furnished fifty-six offerings and 159 features, covering essential platform offerings, standard APIs, superior APIs, and pre-integration solutions. These services and functions make inclusive AI possible, enjoyable for different organizations such as AI senior records scientists, records engineers, not unusual IT engineers, and commercial enterprise employees. In addition, Huawei Cloud EI has explored over 2 hundred initiatives throughout eight industries, covering cities, production, logistics, and the Internet. EI drives industry modernization in three eventualities: repetitive and excessive-quantity work, duties that require expert experience, and work that needs multi-area collaboration. These will help enhance efficiency, skip on know-how, and ruin the limits of human intelligence.

In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD will also maintain a summit in Hong Kong on March 19th, bringing together industry specialists, customers, partners, technical professionals, and developers to explore how cloud offerings can assisting groups in embracing the smart destiny. For extra data, please log in: https://intl.Huaweicloud.Com/approximately/events/20190117135723997.Html.


HUAWEI CLOUD, the cloud service commercial enterprise of Huawei, programs the 30-plus years of know-how in ICT infrastructure products and answers so clients can build what they want into their profile with constructing block-like ease. The brand is dedicated to presenting strong, secure, reliable, and sustainable cloud offerings to assist groups of all sizes grow inside the sensible world. Complementing the already dazzling offerings, the Inclusive AI strategy from HUAWE CLOUD allows every person to get what they need at a low-cost price factor, effectively make smooth use of contemporary technologies, and relaxation confident that their profile remains completely at ease in the course of the complete lifecycle.

HUAWEI CLOUD EI Wins First Place in the International Ultrasonic Image Segmentation Competition Recently, the HUAWEI CLOUD company intelligence (EI) medical imaging group made a technical step forward in ultrasonic picture segmentation and dimension. They won the first region within the HC18 challenge hosted via Grand-Challenge with an average absolute cost of one.89 mm head circumference (HC).

What is Grand-Challenge?

Grand-Challenge is a worldwide platform that holds clinical photo analysis competitions. It is dedicated to supplying uniform statistics and standards for fair assessment among today’s clinical photograph algorithms, selling technical development. Over the years, hundreds of world-magnificence research groups have participated. Their records and consequences are often published and presented at top international clinical imaging conferences, including MICCAI. Over 100 universities and research institutes international took component in HC18, Queen’s University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The following parent suggests the ratings of the Grand-Challenge HC18 task to date. For information, go to https://hc18.Grand-task.Org/assessment/outcomes/. For greater records, please log in:www.Huaweicloud.Com

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