Effective Marketing Automation


Employing marketing automation technologies improves the effectiveness of your sales process. How? It allows marketers to assemble specific pathways that buyers can take through the buying process, and automatically determine which sets of emails should be delivered to a lead based upon their activity and response to your marketing. Effective utilization of marketing software requires good content that “talks” directly to your lead. Active segmentation delivers greater value to your leads than one-size-fits-all newsletters that get sent to everyone on your list.


Generic “stay in touch” newsletters don’t provide the necessary engagement that personalized, relevant, high-value messages receive. Marketing automation allows you to automatically send appropriate and personalized messages from the lead’s assigned sales person. This allows your organization to stay top-of-mind, creates warm leads and rapport, so when the sales person touches base with a phone call – it’s not a cold call, but there’s already a relationship.

How does it work? Marketing automation technology keeps track of your leads and their activity and response to your marketing messages and offers. Based upon how your leads respond, the technology can trigger specific messages that are tailored directly into the interests based upon a lead’s actions. Quite simply, you are able to provide greater value and relevant content to a greater volume of leads than you could ever do with a manual approach. And that keeps your sales funnel full.

Creating more sales-ready leads, increasing your sales and marketing effectiveness, produces more revenue. That’s power, and that’s what marketing automation provides. Studies have revealed that companies employing marketing automation well, can improve sales effectiveness by 30%, and more sales reps are able to meet or exceed their quotas.


Personalizing your approach to marketing, and speaking directly to your target buyer based upon their specific interests, allows you to exceed the averages of email metrics. For example, your email open rates with targeted lead nurturing approach will be between 40-60% — and that translates directly to engagement, interest, and top-of-mind status with your leads. Marketing automation helps grow sales effectiveness.

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