Marketing and sales automation tools

Automation of marketing is the use of specialized programs for planning, controlling and implementing the tasks of the marketing and sales department. With the help of such programs automated dispatch is carried out, the client base is structured, call-tracking (call tracking and recording) is sometimes connected, sometimes the system allows you to plan content marketing and much more. Systems can be conditionally divided into specialized and with extended functionality. And today, more and more software products are on the way to expand the functionality and create their own CRM-systems.

In a broader sense, modern automation systems are already so integrated with CRM that it is quite difficult to draw a line between them. For example, in the CRM-system “Megaplan” the database of contacts can be divided into groups: customers, partners, competitors, contractors and so on, so that the sales department, the marketing department, and the partner department can work with it simultaneously. In this case, the visibility of different client groups can be configured separately for each department.

What you need?

It is worth starting, perhaps, with the definition of your goals when implementing an automation system. Answer the question: what do we want to achieve in the company by launching a new technology? To unload managers? Or, perhaps, reduce the cost of attracting new customers? Reduce the impact of the so-called. “The human factor,” and improve the quality of control over managers (so that contacts do not disappear, information on arrangements, listen to calls, and, in general, so that they do not remain unanswered)? Optimize time costs, manage projects correctly?

Select the system

If you have decided on the tasks that you need to solve and set clear, achievable and, importantly, measurable goals, it’s time to start choosing an automation system. Fortunately, many of them provide free versions, which allows you to correlate the goals with their functionality. It is best to test programs with evaluation versions, or with temporary access. Working with completely free systems involves significant risks, for example, lack of technical support, interruptions in work or, worst of all, loss of the base.

Get support

The next big question: who will be responsible for the implementation of a marketing and sales automation system and CRM-system in your company? Who will help you in this difficult matter?

Perhaps one of the most common obstacles to the introduction of automation in the company remains the fear of a new, not fully understood technology that requires, in all, significant improvements and adaptations “on the spot”. A frequent objection in this respect: “Such a system will not work for us. We have a specific business”.

In general, in the automation of marketing and sales, it is important not to be afraid to experiment – try, implement, evaluate. With the right approach, automation should not add problems to the company’s activities, but significantly reduce their number, increasing the efficiency of managers and eliminating the infamous “human factor”, which is particularly evident in routine, repetitive operations. And remember: technology, including automation, penetrates into all spheres of our life, and business processes are no exception.

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